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Who we are:

HHH is Homer H. Hillis, Jr. & Ronda J Hillis, founders of HHH Enterprises. It started back in the 80's. Those days when things were again, NOT GOOD. Texas had a massive real estate and oil bust, Savings & Loan scandles. So what did I do? I started a business. Crazy? Not really. You see there's never a better time than RIGHT NOW to make something happen, in life or in business. YOU have to take immediate action. In fact there's ONE thing for sure, YOU will never see this day again.  I started importing all kinds of jewelry making supplies from Guatemala, and finding a market for them, in craft stores and in home businesses. Committ and the pasion will follow. You see a dream is a bargain at any price, ask Dorothy?

The 90's

HHH launched stores, we opened 10 bead stores called Friendze Stores, all over Texas and one in Oklahoma. We had FUN, and we made money. Then it ended, that happens. Back to Kansas.



We call our company, Mom, Pop and Pup (Sugar Belle)  , we have 2 great employees who help ship your orders and make your orders,Jessica Clemmer, and Juanita Valdez, then Ronda Hillis and myself. All working behind the scences to make your life easier and more creative

What people say about us?

Mostly good, most love our products, they find us through many channels, search or word of mouth.

We believe we have the most creative customers on the planet.


Hear HHH on the radio in Denver each week:

                             I'm the Certified Unconventional Entrepreneur 1


So Long:

Over the years we have had some wonderful employees to work along side us. One of them was Shirley Ward. Shirely came to manage our Friendze store in Abilene and she did a wonderful job. She made incredible jewelry, did repairs, taught many customers techniques on jewelry making, Last week 5-9-2012, we said good bye to Shirley, we all will miss her dearly. In a meeting one day we were brainstorming a new tag line for our company and Shiley said, "Create the Best" , we all said, wow, that's it. Thanks  Shirely you did "Create the Best"  thanks for using your talents.