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Watch Parts Assorted Bag-(Altered Art-n-Steampunk)
Watch Parts Assorted Bag-(Altered Art-n-Steampunk).40oz/10 to 11 grams(approx weight)

A mixture of vintage assorted Watch Parts/Components- cogs, dials, gears, bezels and more are perfect for tossing in with your Steampunk-styled designs, use in Altered Art Jewelry, for charms, pendants, embellish with different parts, images, photos........
Mixed metal colors can include antiqued brass and antiqued silver with occasional painted surfaces.
Approximately 200-250 pieces per bag
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World Globe Earth Charm, Vintage gold, Pack of 6
Antique Gold World Charm, pk/6

Material: Antique Gold Finish Plated Base Metal. 13mm round
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